We Help You Identify Your Health Risks

We live in a time of significant advances in medicine, especially for cancer patients. Some of the most promising defenses against cancer are prevention and early detection through screening and genetic evaluation. This cutting-edge field of personalized medicine is changing healthcare.

Personalized medicine – sometimes referred to as “precision medicine” – is a new healthcare model that provides personalized information to empower you to make better informed medical decisions and better focus your prevention efforts based on risk of disease.  Genomics – the analysis of your body’s unique genetic makeup – offers a way to customize this care.

This emerging approach gives you a voice and provides your doctors with important data and actions they can utilize to improve your health.

Understanding your potential risk through genetic evaluation can reduce the nature and severity of treatments, increase survival rates, reduce medical costs and change lives. The ultimate goal of personalized prevention is quite simply determining what medications and treatments will work best for you and which ones to avoid. Anyone can benefit from a genetic consultation!

Genetic Evaluation: Testing and Counseling

Provenance Healthcare follows a thorough, structured and step-by-step health risk assessment to perform our medical evaluations. This avoids unnecessary testing, unnecessary bills, unnecessary follow-up, and possibly unnecessary medical procedures.

We provide:

  • A personalized genetic evaluation session, tailored to focus on what you wish to learn
  • A summary report of your family medical history and personal evaluation
  • Access to thousands of genetic tests –  we will order and interpret any necessary tests for you and your doctors
  • In-house blood draws and saliva collection for all genetic tests
  • Medical recommendations for your care based on risk assessments and genetic testing results
  • Periodic follow-up with you as advances in your genetic information are made

Diagnostic genetic testing can be used to confirm or clarify a genetic diagnosis. Preventative genetic testing, by contrast, can be used to “catch it early,” ideally before a condition even develops. In cancer diagnosis, it can mean the difference between a Stage 1 and Stage 4 diagnosis. Just because you don’t have a family history of certain conditions does not mean that you are not at risk. Genetic testing can help determine whether your DNA may put you at additional risk.

Genetic tests are done by analyzing small biological samples, typically saliva or blood. All samples are collected at our office, saving you a trip to a busy blood-draw station.

By its very nature,  genetic testing results are complex. Your genetic counselor will discuss what you need to know about your unique genetic testing options, including benefits and limitations of a test, accuracy, how you can use the information, and how it will impact you and your family members. Your genetic counselor will also interpret your genetic testing results for you and your physicians and can assist your relatives in easily obtaining any necessary testing based on your result.

The personal guidance of a genetic counselor to interpret these tests and work with you in determining your path forward sets Provenance Healthcare apart from many other genetic evaluation providers. The personalized medicine we provide enables you and your physicians to learn about your risks of inheriting a health condition and form the best medical management for your care.

Managing Your Family Health History

Your personal health history, as well as that of your family, can give clues for your risk of developing disease.

Our genetic counselors review family history and medical records, order specific genetic tests based on this data, evaluate the results of the genetic tests and help you to understand and reach decisions about what to do next.

This patient-centered model makes you the focal point of a health care plan that is tailored to address your individual needs. Management recommendations for your family members is also provided to make sure everyone can use the information obtained through the genetic consultation.