About Provenance HealthCare

Provenance provides its patients with the tools and information they need to advocate for their continued well-being. Patients are always in control of their health data and kept up to date with the latest advances in medicine relevant to their health.

Our Providers

Robb Rowley, MD is a leader in Southern Nevada in the delivery of genetic services.  Dr. Rowley has specialized in this evolving area of medicine for the past twenty years, focusing his energy in Las Vegas and surrounding area to meet the growing needs in this region.

Dr. Rowley leads a team of professional clinicians to perform genetic evaluation, diagnostic genetic testing, and long-term precision care for patients with risks of chronic familial or genetic conditions.

Medical Director

Anna Victorine, MS, CGC is a board-certified genetic counselor.  Anna provides genetic counseling to patients on a variety of inherited conditions, and acts as a consultant to many local physicians via tumor boards and educational lectures.  She also participates in community outreach with local schools and community groups.

Anna obtained her Master’s degree in genetic counseling from Indiana University School of Medicine and previously worked as a prenatal genetic counselor

Our Staff

Mark Black

President / CEO

Denise Buschow

Clinic Director

Kathleen Bouch

Genetic Coordinator